Burn Out








Burnt out heart
Of a man that’s been broken
Burnt out shell
Of his shop that’s been torched
Broken dreams
And the Devil’s awoken
Burnt out Soul
Of a city that’s been scorched

Bankers bask
While counting their bonus
Hit the poor
As their profits still soar
Take your lead
From those fat cats so greedy
No surprise
That the young loot and steal?

Police hold back
Watching vandals burn buildings
Lives are lost
As folk defend their shops
Broken father
Whose son has been taken
Surely God
This is a mistake?

Newsprint screams
We’re the voice of your nation
Hacking phones
On an industrial scale
Any ploy
Just to up circulation
Cash in hand
And policemen for sale

Leaders preach
Fine words to woo voters
But the reins of power
Turn our politicians sour
Looters loot
But MPs fiddle expenses
Still they preach:
Come take down all your fences!

Broken heart
Of a mum whose son’s been looting
Empty shell
Of a shop that’s been robbed
Burnt out hope
A community’s forsaken
No surprise
That the young loot and steal

Surely now
Your compassion’s awoken?
Hear the voice
Of the ones who have spoken
We are the same
We’re all able to be greedy
But when we are
We’ll just starve and feel needy

But when we are
We’ll just steal and burn out

No surprise
That the young loot and steal

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3 Responses to Burn Out

  1. Hi, this sounds like the Simon Atherley I use to know at Shrewsbury/Cardiff art school/College. You havent changed at all, well done, amazing insight.

  2. s c a r a m e l l o w says:

    Thanks Thelma, Appreciate your kind words. Yep, I’m one and the same. Went on to the the RCA after that – I seem to remember you went to work as a Photographer? In any case, how on earth are you? It’s been a very long time… :-)

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