Your cat’s eyes
Don’t save me
From danger
They just lead me
To you
Oh‐yeah, oh‐yeah

And it’s true that
They say that
I’m lighter
I’m brighter
With you
Oh‐oh, oh‐yeah

Your sunset
Comes nightly
Burns brightly
I hold tightly
To you…

But how long…
Before you burn up
Before you turn into a fireball

Jack Daniels
And bar belles
You pole dance
So no romance
For you
Oh‐no, oh‐no

You’re twisting
You’re turning
You’re burning
You’re falling
Thru’ space
Oh‐oh, oh‐yeah

Your thunder’s
A wonder
Your lightning’s
To me…

But how long,
Before you burn me?
Before I turn into a fireball?

Well it’s true that
They say that
We’re lighter
We’re brighter
As one
Oh‐yeah, oh‐yeah

But red lights
Can’t save us
From danger
They just lead us
To hell
Oh‐no, oh‐no

The flames
Are enticing
The inferno’s
Us in…

But how long…
Before we burn up
Before we turn into a fireball

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